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Airport Transfers in Australia

All holidays need careful planning – visas, vaccinations, spends, sightseeing, time of the year to visit, travel and medical insurance – just to name a few. If you’re flying from the UK, without a stopover, the flight time is 21 hours, add to that the check in time, and baggage collection and customs control at the other end, and you could be looking at a minimum of 24 hours!

When you arrive at any one of the main airports in Australia, your private transport will be waiting for you. No hanging around for a taxi, or queueing for public transport. You will travel in style and comfort to your hotel (or other accommodation/destination), knowing that the cost has been paid for in the UK, and once your stay is over, your prebooked (in the UK) car will pick you up and take you to your departure airport. No stress, no worries! What could be simpler?

To visit Australia, you must have a visa. They are valid for one year for a maximum of 90 days stay, but will allow you multiple visits. Visas can be obtained online, or via the Australian Embassy in London. Before you travel, it is wise to ensure that your passport has at least six months to run.

There are no specific requirements for vaccinations (unless you have recently visited an area with yellow fever- in which case, take a copy of your vaccination certificate) but Australia has recently been subjected (in 2011) to an outbreak of whooping cough, so maybe it would be wise to get you and your family protected before they travel.

If you pack any food products in your hold luggage, declare them at customs. If you take any food onto the plane, make sure you eat it all before you arrival in the Australian customs hall!

Three of the top tourist destinations are:

Great Barrier Reef, a haven of natural beauty, where its summer all your round. Go snorkelling or scuba diving and marvel at the wonders under the ocean.

Choose a Sydney Harbour cruise or ferry to view the Opera House, bridge and harbour. Day or night, the views are stunning.

Visit Ayres Rock – best time of the day to view the rock is at sunrise or sunset. Don’t forget your camera – stunning colours. A walk round the rock will take 3-4 hours, not strenuous, a well worth the effort.

This is such a huge country to explore, so while you’re waiting for your holiday to come round, do some research on what you want to see in the area you are visiting.

And don’t forget to book your private transport to ensure that your holiday is perfect!

airport transfers banner 728x90

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