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Airport transfers in Bulgaria

Whichever airport you arrive at in Bulgaria, your prebooked TaxiFinders.com airport transfers will be waiting for you, and drive you in comfort and style to your holiday destination. No hanging around waiting for airport taxis to become available. No exorbitant fares to pay. No waiting for the rest of the passengers to fill up the package holiday transfer bus, and then offloading the guests at maybe half a dozen hotels before yours. And when your holiday is over, your TaxiFinders.com transport will pick you up at your accommodation and take you directly to the airport. Because this transport is booked and paid for in the UK, there’s no need to set any of your holiday spending money aside to cover these costs.

The east Balkan country of Bulgaria, lies on the Black Sea, and shares borders with Greece, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Romania and Turkey. The climate is hot and dry in the summer, and cold and wet in the winter. As the country has only recently opened up its tourist industry, most of the facilities in the resorts are new and modern, but off the beaten track, it’s like stepping back into history.

Sofia, the capital, is situated in the west of Bulgaria at the foot of Mount Vitosha. It is easy to get around this city and explore the sights. The buses are cheap, there are trams and also a metro. Before you step into a taxi, ensure that you confirm the fare with the driver. If you hire a car, lock any valuables in the boot when you leave it, or take them with you. Look after your valuables as gangs of child pickpockets roam the streets here and also in Varna.

The Bulgarian resorts all have international restaurants, but do try some of the local cuisine. Little stands on street corners serve typical Bulgarian snacks, such as ‘piroshka’, which is dough filled with cheese and then fried; ‘kifla’ is a jam filled croissant; and banitsas are either savoury (filled with cheese) or sweet (filled with apples or walnuts). The local wine is good quality and not expensive, and the beers are excellent and cheaper than the imported brews.

Bulgaria is a country which enjoys summer and winter activities. Do you fancy a beach holiday? Or is skiing your bag? Whatever you want for your holiday, Bulgaria has it all! Hot dry summers by the beautiful beaches of Black Sea, or skiing in the mountains in the winter.

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The national parks of Rila and Pirin are wonderful – it is still possible to see bears, lynxes and rare birds there. And the caves, waterfalls, lakes and wild flowers make these two parks truly magical.

If you want a beach holiday, then the best time to visit is between June and September.

The Black Sea has some of the most fabulous beaches in Europe – golden sands and warm blue sea. Mosquitoes are around, so be prepared – either take some repellent with you or buy some there quite cheaply. All beaches cater for water sports. What do you fancy? Ask at your resort and you will almost be sure that you can find some lessons or equipment to hire.

The ski resorts in Bulgaria are superb, with a season lasting from mid December until mid April.

They are suitable for novices or experienced skiers or snowboarders. If you’re a beginner, join a ski school. You will get expert tuition. And being a relatively new skiing destination, the facilities are modern. Bulgaria is probably the cheapest place in Europe to ski, it has some wonderful scenery, and lively apre ski.

airport transfers banner 728x90

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