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Airport Transfers in Dominican Republic

Anytime is a good time to visit, but hurricane season is August and September. Go in February and enjoy good weather and the Carnival.

Before you travel, you need to obtain a Tourist Card from the Dominican Embassy. Also, best to ensure that your passport has three months to run by the time you end your visit. Tetanus and Polio vaccinations are strongly recommended before you travel, and also Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Check up, well before you travel, to see if any other jabs are needed or recommended. And take some mosquito repellent with you, just to be on the safe side.

Drink plenty of bottled water (so you don’t dehydrate) and best to avoid ice cubes in drinks. Wash any fruit and if possible, peel it before you eat it. Pop a peeler in your suitcase! Avoid salads too, better to eat hot, cooked food, and try not to be tempted by street vendors’ food. Don’t feed the local wild dogs (they may become aggressive if you haven’t given them enough!) Tipping for services will be much appreciated, as will some Spanish. Bone up on some basics before you go, just to get you in the holiday mood.

If you’re visiting Santiago, Santo Domingo, or any other city, beware of your personal safety. Leave your jewellery in the hotel safe. The local bus services are fine and cheap to use.

Currency is easy to change, but avoid hotels or tourist establishments – you will probably get the worst rate. Shop around! This is why booking your transport from the airport to your hotel with makes so much sense. It’s all paid for, before you leave home. When you’re tired after a long journey, no standing in queues for the next taxi, and no need to worry about having no Dominican Pesos to pay the taxi fare. It’s all been paid for with, and your private driver will be there at the airport to meet you and drive you directly to your hotel. And once you’ve booked in, unpacked, this is the time to explore your surrounding and also see who’s offering the best exchange rates.

Hire a windsurfer, body board, go scuba diving (the beaches here are fantastic and the sea is warm), whale watch, play golf, visit a cigar factory, horse-ride along the beach or into the hills.

Marvel at the exotic plants and vegetation at the Jardin Botanico Nacional.

Even if you’re into something a bit more medieval, cockfighting at the Coliseo Gallistico Alberto Bonetti Burgos will possibly not work up an appetite.

The Punta Cana Ecological Park is home to birds, insects and plants. Take a 90 minute guided tour around the Parque Ojos Indigenas to view the 11 fresh water lagoons, botanical fruit and plant gardens, iguana farm and zoo.

Research the internet before you go, and make the most of your holiday. And don’t forget to book to make your holiday something to remember.

airport transfers banner 728x90

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