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Airport transfers in Egypt

A country with such a history! Who knows where to start describing the excitement you will feel when you arrive in Egypt?

Whether your plane arrives in Cairo, or Alexandria, or Luxor, or Sharm El Sheikh (or Hurghada), you are in for a treat and a culture shock and an Egypt airport transfer with costs as little as possible.

You may be need a visa to stay in Egypt, but buy it when you arrive at the airport ? it’s cheaper and easier than buying it at the Egyptian Consulate in the UK. Once you clear passport control and customs, your airport transfer will be ready to carry you quickly, efficiently and in superb comfort to your holiday accommodation.

If you are going on a cultural holiday – Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria – buy a tour guide before you go and swot up on the places you want to see. It will pay dividends. You won’t miss a thing that way.

If you are going to Sharm El Sheik or Hurghada (or that vicinity) and just want a relaxing diving, sun-lounging, snorkling , these are the perfect resorts. Beautiful warm sea, teeming with tropical marine fish and colourful corals. If you fancy a day away from the beach or pool, take a trip to Petra. Long day (18 hours), tours are expensive, but the rose rock city, carved in the mountains, with its long canyon and carved statues will blow you away.

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Cairo is the capital of Egypt. Primary places to visit are the Cairo museum, the Coptic church, and the pyramids and sphinx, of course. The Mosque of Muhammed Ali, which is modelled on Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, looks amazing from any point in Cairo, however, close up it is a bit disappointing, but still worth a visit. Stroll through the busy streets in the souq, get the flavour of the real Egypt. If you are buying souvenirs, haggle hard. And this is the place to buy saffron at really competive prices.

The local bus service is really not to be recommended ? cheap but very overcrowded. Taxis are just as cheap if you are prepared to haggle and fix a price before you get in. They are very fast and known locally as ?flying coffins?! A word of warning ? if you are out and about after dark, do take care crossing the roads, most Egyptians drive at night without any lights.

The other principal city in Egypt is Alexandria. It has wonderful beaches to the west, and the ports of Rosetta and Damietta, with their Ottoman architecture, to the east. Tour the town in a caleche (a horse drawn carriage) to see the sights. Please don’t travel in a caleche pulled by an emaciated horse. Haggle hard, and tell the driver how long you want to spend on the trip and what you want to see.

Luxor lies 420 miles south of Cairo and is another treasure, with its temples, tombs, and Valley of the Kings. The Corniche is a pleasant walk, past old and new hotels, and up to the souq.

Aswan is the most southern town in Egypt. Marvel at the High Dam, Aga Khan’s Mausoleum, hire a felucca and see Elephantine Island, or else just stroll around the souq and shops.

Abu Simbel is another breathtaking sight. It lies just over 170 miles south of Aswan and is reached either by road through the desert, or by aeroplane. In 1965 the temple of Abu Simbel was moved 210 meters away from the shore of Lake Nasser (when the waters threatened to rise). The temple was hand sawn into blocks and then painstakingly but perfectly rebuilt on a 61 meter artificial hill.

The aforegoing are just a small number of ideas on what to see when you visit, and once you have been to Egypt, you will want to come back time and time again. What a fantastic country! have a range of Egypt airport transfers available so use the search facility below to find out how cheap they can really be.

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