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Airport transfers in Greece

Unless you enjoy really hot weather, try to avoid Greece in July and August. If you visit between October and April, you may find that most of the tourist destinations are shut, but these are the months to mix with locals and really get a feel for the place. Otherwise, September, May and June are the best times for a holiday.

Public transport in Greece is not fantastic. Plan your excursions around the bus or train timetable. Or, once you’ve settled into your holiday accommodation, unwound, look for a local car hire company and take yourself to all those places that you planned to see before you left home. Coach companies also offer tours, but you might find that you will be rushed from place to place and not have time to enjoy what you want to see.

There is so much to explore in Athens. Apart from shopping, dining, and nightlife, there are museums galore, and historical sites to visit. The Acropolis is best visited in the early morning or late afternoon, if you want to avoid the crowds. Situated on a cliff top is the Temple of Poseidon – see the sun rise or sun set, and gaze over the Aegean Sea. If you’re really interested in archaeology, make sure the National Archaeological Museum in Athens is high on your list.

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Take a day trip from Athens to Delphi. Here is the Temple of Apollo, and a museum housing ancient classical treasures, both with a backdrop of the Parnassos Mountains, where you can ski if you visit in winter.

The Attika Zoological Park is self funding, from admission fees. Landscaped gardens, mammals, large cats, and birds. Half a day should suffice. Good venue for children.

Thessaloniki, in the north, has a nice museum, the White Tower, where the history of the town is explained (in Greek). You can hire an audio guide in English, which will help you to enjoy the exhibitions more. Good views from the top of the tower. The beaches are wonderful, so too are the restaurants.

Plan your visit well in advance to get the most out of this historical country, and don’t forget to book your transport to make your holiday complete.

But, whenever you visit, your personal driver will meet you in at the airport of your choice, and drive you to your hotel or villa. Don’t wait around for taxis or in a bus queue – travel, without delay, and in comfort with your driver. Pay for your airport transfers in the UK and there’s no need to save any holiday spends for the unknown cost of the journey back to your departure airport. Confirm your arrival and departure times in Greece to and we will do the rest!

Museums, art galleries, temples, monuments – Greece is just the place to delve into history.

Visit the Parthenon and see where the Elgin Marble came from. Relax on the beaches, washed by the Aegean Sea (on the west coast) and the Ionian Sea (on the east), dip your toes into the waters and feel how warm they

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