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Airport Transfers in Mauritius

Located in the south west of the Indian Ocean is the sub tropical island of Mauritius. Hot, humid and wet between November and April, dry and warm from May to October. White sandy beaches and warm crystal clear waters.

The local currency is the Mauritian rupee, so it will probably be easier to change your holiday spends when you arrive. There are cash dispensers at the main banks which take credit and debit cards. Before you fly to Mauritius, make a note of where you’re staying on the island, and keep it handy, as when you arrive, you must tell the immigration authorities in the airport. Take some mosquito repellent with you, as they can be pesky little so-and-so’s , especially at night.

At all times beware of your personal safety. Leave your valuables locked in the hotel safe, and just take enough money out for the day’s activities.

Your personal driver will meet you in at the airport, and ensure that you get to your holiday accommodation without delay. Let’s face it, 12 hours on a plane is tiring, some planes arrive during the day, others at night. Because your transport is all booked and paid for in the UK, don’t worry about having to change any money into local currency at the airport (which can be expensive), don’t worry about the cost of the fare (already taken care of), don’t worry about joining a queue for the next taxi, don’t worry about sitting on a shuttle bus for ages, waiting for the next plane load of passengers to arrive. personal service will get you off to a stress free start to your holiday.

what to see and do in Mauritius?

Relax on the beaches, swim in the warm blue sea, and try a new water sport. Or go skydiving! In Flic en Flak, there’s a sea urchin diving centre, where you can swim with the sea urchins and the exotic marine fish.

The capital of Port Louis is buzzing. The Caudan Waterfront is humming with stalls selling handicrafts, pictures and fashion. Spend a Saturday afternoon at the Champs de Mars horse-racing track. A walk up to the Citadel Fort Adelaide will give you breathtaking views of the hills on one side and the sea on the other. Not very exciting inside the fort, but the climb for the scenery is worth it.

The Casela Nature and Leisure Park will keep both adults and children amused for the whole day – giant tortoises, monkeys, zebras, lions, and fishponds. Every walked with lions? Now’s your chance! Have a quick lesson on a Segway, and then ride it through the safari park. Feed some of the animals at the petting farm, cross the hanging bridges, swim through a canyon, and travel along a zip-wire. All great fun.

The resort of Grand Baie has restaurants serving fresh seafood, wonderful beaches, buzzing nightlife, water sports, and shops!

Into horses? Ride an ex-racing horse through the sugar cane fields into the hills. Wonderful experience! Novice or experienced riders will not be disappointed.

There are so many activities on Mauritius for you to enjoy…’ll wish you’d booked a longer holiday.

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